Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm Shutin' 'Er Down!

Well, I think my blogging days have come to an end. I am just not feelin' it anymore. I don't have anything good to say and quite frankly my life is pretty I have made an executive decision to shut down my blog. I will still be blog stalking all my fellow keep the reports comin'! Love y'all! Peace out my sista's (and brotha's...just in case)!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009


This year we did not get very good pictures for Easter...but here they are a few.....

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Zaid's Virtual Birthday Party...Everyone's Invited!!!

**Check out
Geanie and I have started a bow blog for little Zaid also...there's lots of cute stuff and every penny helps!!!

(I copied this from another blog...)

OK girls, it's time to show our true colors. Geanie Rodgers is the lucky momma who is adopting the little boy from Ethiopia. They officially have his referral now and are moving forward, having faith that everything will work out. Financially, it isn't easy to adopt internationally. Actually, there's NOTHING easy about it. But knowing you are basically saving a little one's life gives you the drive to take that leap of faith and just jump in feet first. Tomorrow is little Zaid's birthday (that's what they will probably name him). He is turning two. Geanie is way way sad that her son won't even know it's his birthday, when he SHOULD be getting a huge party with lots of love and family around. So, I figured he is about to get the greatest gift any little boy deserves, a FAMILY!!!!!!!! Let's throw him birthday bash like no other!!! I will call it "HEARTS WIDE OPEN". It starts today and it will be on Geanie's family blog. I will leave the link here for it. On her blog there will be a "chip in" box. There you can buy "virtual gifts" for this party of all parties! All donations will go to the mandatory orphanage donation there. In Ethiopia it is 7,000!!! That seems crazy but it really does cost a lot of money to care for the many many children who are orphaned or abandoned there. The place he is in is a non profit so we know they are in it for the children and they need every penny. Also, you should know (I hope Geanie doesn't shoot me for this) that Geanie and Chris have sold a lot of personal possessions-big ones- to raise the funds needed to get their little boy home. They truly have the BIGGEST hearts . Unfortunately in adoption, usually the heart is bigger than the wallet. So this is how it will work. See the list below and help me decorate the party with balloons, streamers, party hats, a band, a cake, gift bags, toys, party favors and more. I will have a price attached to each one. To donate a couple balloons for instance , (just $5 a piece) click on over to their blog and donate 10.00 with just a couple clicks of the mouse at the chip in box!! It takes so little time and will make such a huge difference in this little boy's life! No donation is too little! Mighty things will come to this boy through his family! Let's help them help him!!! I pray we fill the room with everything this little child deserves! Let's do this! Ready set.............GO!!!!!!!
Cake -one tier 15.00( Let's make this the biggest cake ever!)
gift bag - 10.00
pack of party hats-7.00
pack of party streamers-7.00
Bowl of Punch-20.00
A band - 50.00
A Pony 50.00
A clown- 50.00
A toy with a bow on top!!!-10.00
A trike with a big horn!!! - 20.00

Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Break '09

Oh, how I love Spring Break! And I was lucky enough to spend it at the happiest (and crowdest) place on Earth! Haylie, Tinley, and my friend Jeralee and I went to my parents beach house in Newport Beach for a few days and got to play at Disneyland. Poor Brandon was stuck home working and playing Mr. Mom to Shae and Bode and he did a great job with only one small trip to the ER (Bode had an eye infection)!

Our first day at the beach
The New Toy Story Ride
Tinley's first BIG rollercoater!
The Proof!!
We all made it in one piece!

Indiana my top 3 favorite rides.
Hanging out by Space Mountain
Mr. Potato Head..he is hilarious!
(no, I'm not talking about my little
Idaho potato...he's behind her)

C is for Coolcat Carie
Waiting for the fireworks to start

Best fireworks show ever!!
The very last ride
It's A Small World

Friday, March 13, 2009

It's Been Way TOOOOO Long!

Well, I have been sucked into the world of Facebook and so my life has been consumed with reconnecting with old, old friends. It has been so much fun, but alas my poor little blog has here's what we have been up to these days.....

Haylie and her friends
(Halli Hermensen and Chloe Gregerson)
had a photo shoot....
We formed our very own ROCK BAND...
showing nightly at the Grandma Janet Bar and Grill
Tinley is the bangin' drummer!

Haylie rocks the mic!

(note: Homan home from Iraq,
he brought us each a very generous gift!)

I had to include this one...I downloaded my pictures to find this beauty...there is nothing better than good ole fashion blood and guts!

Tinley had her Sweet Seven Par-Tay!

Flat Stanley came all the way from Chicago to visit us.

14 baby pigs were born!!!!

Our proud grandpa delivered each one
(they were 3 minutes apart)

Haylie played Saturday B-Ball.

And last but not least Haylie had her gymnastics performance!
Sorry for all the pictures! I have missed you all very much and I hope that I can find a happy balance between life, blogs, and facebook!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Tinley!

I know I say it every time, but I can't believe my little Tin Tin is 7 years old! So, here are the 7 things I love about Tinley....

1. I love her eyes! Tinley speaks through her eyes, I can always tell what kind of a mood Tinley is in by the way her eyes look. When she is happy they truly sparkle! And she is the only one with brown eyes...a little something from her mamma.

2. Tinley is very literal. She is not a big joke-ster. Well, she likes to joke but you can't tease her. I love it when Grandpa Randy walks in a room and says "hello boys" to all his granddaughters, Tinley will be the first to yell out..."We are NOT boys". After 7 years of this you think she would play along with it, but not her!

3. I love her laugh. She has the cutest giggle. It is very soft and sweet, just like her.

4. I love her kindness. She is so sweet. She is always sharing and when she gets something new she can't wait to get home to share it with her siblings.

5. I love her hair. She has the most beautiful hair. It is long and wavy and she looks so beautiful when it is down!

6. She is so artistic. Tinley has taken some art classes the past few summers and she informed me that she does not need to take them anymore because she is a true artist and I must admit she is really good!

7. Last, but not least, she is so smart!! Tinley got 100% on her whole report card this year, she even got 106% in spelling. I love that Tinley can sit for hours, I mean hours, and stick to a task. Usually it is something artsy like coloring or doing a puzzle, but from a very young age she did this. It has always amazed me!!

Tinley, you are such a joy to have in our home. You are my easiest, kindest child out of them all....that kinda sounds bad to say out loud, but I have to give you props for that! You are the best. We love you so much!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Picture Tag

I got tagged by my sweet friend Adele. Here is how you do the 4th picture from the 4th photo album on my computer and then explain the picture (and then tag 4 people). This is it.....

I had just come home from a mother-in-law/daughter trip with Janet. We had been to Disneyland I got Haylie this visor. Brandon gave me a new camera for Mother's Day, so I was messing around with the camera taking close-ups of Haylie and Tinley with their new hats.

I tag Mindy, Melanie, Geanie, and Melissa....have fun!